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A few kilometers away from the Aegean Houses Hotel you will find the Asclepeion of Kos, an imposing ancient healing temple, crowning the top of a verdant hill.

There were many Asclepeions all over ancient Greece, but the one in Kos was one of the largest and most well-known. The Asclepeions became medical sanctuaries in ancient Greece thanks to the Asclepiads, the skillful physicians and priests. The one here in Kos dates from the first half of the 3rd century BC and it was built to honor the god of health and medicine, Asclepius. The most famous asclepiad was Hippocrates due to his exceptional healing abilities. He was born here in Kos and is referred to as the “Father of Medicine”. He also founded the Hippocratic School of Medicine.
Today, the remains of the Asclepeion of Kos is a characteristic example of the ancient Greek architecture, and its location is therapeutic itself, offering breathtaking views to lush green surroundings and the deep blue Aegean sea.
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